Academic License Agreement

AlphaSpace software is made freely available for non-commercial academic research use only. For all other use, please contact Dr. David Rooklin directly at Academic researchers are permitted to use AlphaSpace only if you agree to the following terms:

  1. This free distribution of AlphaSpace is for non-profit academic use only. Your usage of AlphaSpace in association with any commercial project, including fee-based service projects, is prohibited.
  2. You are not permitted to redistribute AlphaSpace to anyone outside of your immediate research lab. This restriction applies to both the original code as well as to any modified or integrated version. Anyone outside of your lab who is interested in using AlphaSpace must request a separate academic license. If you move to a different lab or start your own lab, you must request a new academic license.
  3. You are permitted to modify the code, but you acknowledge that the AlphaSpace developers may develop the same or similar modifications to AlphaSpace. The developers of AlphaSpace shall not be constrained in any way by you in the developers’ use of such modifications.
  4. Any risk associated with using AlphaSpace software at your institution is with you and your institution. AlphaSpace software is experimental in nature and is made available as a research courtesy "AS IS".
  5. If your usage of AlphaSpace contributes to any future publication, you must cite the original paper:
    AlphaSpace: Fragment-Centric Topographical Mapping to Target Protein-Protein Interaction Interfaces (

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